February 8, 2013

Pinterest Project Complete!

I have seen an idea on pinterest and it has been done several different ways.  Basically, you take two containers and add marbles representing how much you want to lose in one.  As you lose the weight, you add it to the other container.  The first time I saw it, I decided to do this myself.  It took me a few tries to get it just the way I wanted, but I am very pleased with the outcome!

I started with two vases I already had at home.  They ended up being too big.  The little glass marbles were just in a thin layer at the bottom, which totally defeated the purpose of the project.  I need a good visual of what I am trying to accomplish.  I flat layer of marbles would not work.  I went to the kitchen and found two mason jars.  They were also too big.  I was honestly really surprised.  I know that I have quite a ways to go, but those little marbles don't take up much room!  

I began looking around when I was out and about.  I was trying see what types of inexpensive glass containers were out there.  I did not want to spend much on my little pinterest project, because I did not even know if I would like it.  

These little 7.5 inch Libby brand bud vases are found at Walmart.  They were in the craft section at ours.  Not only are they a great size, they're also really cute! The tall, skinny shape of them causes the marbles to pile up quicker.  Another great perk is that they cost less than $2 each!

I tried writing the labels on the vases with a paint pen.  It worked, but I was still not really pleased with the outcome. So I decided to take them over to The Dandy Lion.  She put come cute vinyl lettering on them (thanks, Julie!).  Perfect!  

Then I brought them home and added my marbles.  My long-term goal is to lose thirty-three pounds by the time I graduate.  This is almost two years from now, and VERY attainable.  I refuse to stress myself out by setting some crazy goal for myself!

The best part of this entire project was this morning, when I got up and hopped on the scales.  I went straight to my little containers, plucked out four marbles, and dropped them into the one that says "Pounds Lost"!

The "Pounds to Lose" vase (on the left) started with 33 little marbles.
I will move them over to the "Pounds Lost" vase as I lose each one.

Here are my first four pounds!  

Here is the completed project.
I am very pleased!



LOVE it! Can you add me to the fb group? I've been meaning to ask you...time to commit! :-)

Rebeca Gonzalez Ewing

I am so doing this TODAY!! Love it! Thanks


Cute idea! I actually have some of those vases!

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